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For generations, these rooms slept overlooking the skyline—now it’s your turn.

What started as an elegant ten-room bed & breakfast has become a truly one-of-a-kind historic hotel.

Originally referred to as the Main House, the Hall-Ford House continues on as the heart of the Fort Conde Inn; however, it is now only one of nine meticulously restored historic properties which house our beautifully appointed rooms and suites.

Where ordinary hotels have hallways, we have cobblestone streets lit with gas lanterns; Instead of dozens of identical rooms, at the Fort Condé Inn, our guests have dozens of unique rooms, suites and cottages to choose from.


Centrally located in what has been known for two centuries as Fort Condé Village, the historic neighborhood that is home to the inn's numerous buildings is one of the oldest in Mobile, and arguably its most significant.

Guests now enjoy the character of these historic landmarks without sacrificing the luxury and privacy of a modern, four-star boutique hotel. The day begins with breakfast, inspired by Mobile Bay’s confluence of cultures and cuisines, served either in the bistro or in the shaded courtyards or even in guests’ private rooms. The day ends with chandeliers aglow in the oversized parlors, libations in hand, gas lanterns lighting the verandah.


Fort Condé Village

Built in the early 19th century, the area fell into decades of disrepair before its purchase by New York developers Lawrence & David Posner. Now, after over two decades of painstaking historical restoration, Fort Condé Village has emerged as a hidden gem in the crown of one of the Gulf Coast's oldest and most charming port cities.  


Bistro St. Emanuel

Bistro Saint Emanuel opened its doors in 2022 offering cuisine inspired by a combination of Mobile's French colonial history and the Gulf region's culinary traditions. Originally, in the 1850s, the bistro was built and operated by a Corsican immigrant, Charles Antomarchi, who came to the new world to seek success in the French-speaking port city. Today, almost 175 years later, we honor that legacy and add a modern, Southern flair to our menu.

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